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New Kitchen Floors=ODD.

I’m losing it.

I am incredibly grateful for my sweet husband. Please let me make it know that he has, single-handedly, put gorgeous flooring, BY HIMSELF, in every room of our house. Massive hero and total game-changer. At many points, his hands were so swollen and beaten-up; he looked like they belonged to the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man. I am SO not worthy.

Ten years ago when we bought a house. I said,” All I care about , babe…If we buy one of these models….all I want is a porch and I don’t want any linoleum floors. “

Please note: Home chalk-full of linoleum floors and no porch. He SO tried.

I have self-diagnosed myself with ODD: Obsessive Disorganized Disorder.

I cant’ handle the freaking mess.

Tripped over this hose three times.

I super-suck. I have found myself complacent. I now lie in my recliner with a cocktail and I have nary a care to move anything out of my way. I accept that this is my actual view. It no longer matters to me that if you need a towel, you need to put on some flip flops (so you don’t get a splinter), make your way downstairs and pick one that’s nudged on the top of a confiscated island stool. Mommy is not organizing. She is so lazy and stressed out, that there is an actual vacuum in her Netflix view. She used to cry about it, but now she cares little.

Things that make it better: Darling husband is down on his hands and knees, blowing my mind, making the linoleum disappear, cutting a fine edge, working up a sweat, still looking cute and making a lot of dust that I am ignoring. By the weekend, all will be perfect and the only proof that it all sucked will be this whiny blog. Thank you, honey. You are the definition of loving and perfect. We are all so grateful for you. XO

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