The Little Things…

I am sitting in my office working from home. The window is open and I am looking out the front of my house. Neighbors are walking by with strollers, friends are fast-walking and chatting; someone picking up dog poop. It’s the perfect weather out, as far as I can tell from where I sit. I am hardly ever actually outside anymore. It’s not too hot, not too cold…a little breeze. Perfect.

I am working on getting a pre-approval letter out to a client. My new job is really intense and every day I feel like I am drowning. When I finally crash into bed every night, I cry myself to sleep. Real grown-up problems, one might say.

But then, a few minutes ago, the wind blew in my window and it carried the smell of spring. I can’t explain the hints of it. But I just started crying. In a good way. A breathe-out kind of way. And for the first moment in a long time, something made me feel happy.

I might not sink to the bottom after all.

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