The Day After…

I dropped my first born child off to college yesterday…and boy, are my tear ducts tired.

I know, I know, “he’ll be fine”, “times of his life”, “you did a good job raising him”….

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera.

I completely cherish everyone’s words and loving concern. I really do have the best friends ever. This advise is all very true.

Even some of my close pals and family took me on our lake last night for some boat therapy. The water was lovely, the compadres made me laugh, the cocktail did its job. It totally helped keep the sadzees at bay.

But, this morning there is a pit in my stomach and I feel like I’m covered in a blanket of steel. Must get up. Please send help. Oh, forget it. I’ll just lie here in my own waste.

For now, my mind is absolute racing. It’s time to address the real questions that are burning, because my Crazy Mom Self has a very active imagination and needs to be bitchslapped by my Rational Mom Self.

What’s he doing right now?

Crazy Mom Self: He is juggling sharp objects and drinking Mad Dog 50/50 with a huge straw.

Rational Mom Self: He’s at breakfast with his roomie and exploring campus.

What will he do today on his first alone day?

Crazy Mom Self: He will most certainly fall in a pothole filled with burning hot lava, catch meningitis from a door handle and get paired-up with an undercover serial killer at orientation.

Click Here If You Dare

Rational Mom Self: He is currently buying his school supplies at the school store and afterwords, playing capture the flag with his lax team, you big freak.

When will he contact me?

Crazy Mom self: He will, in all honestly, never contact you again for the rest of your measly life. And you will die alone.

Rational Mom Self: As soon as he needs money. Calm down. We are all good here.

It’s not rocket science. Most parents go through it these days and we all will survive. It’s just that I really like him. He’s a nice person to smile at everyday. He’s a hugger. I will miss him. And, the reality is, I’ll see him in 29 days. For now, I will settle for a quiet “Netflix/snuggle #3” kind of day.

Classes start Wednesday, go get ’em, kiddo. Times of your life❤️

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